Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information


Every order will ship the next day via USPS First Class unless ordered on the weekend or a holiday, in which case it will ship the following business day and should arrive within the next couple days.

All orders are a flat rate $5 shipping charge. If you buy 1 shirt or 20 it is $5 to ship, so you may as well order a dozen!

Easy Returns & Exchanges

I ask that you please take a minute when you receive your shirt/item before you put it on to look for any quality issue that I may have missed as I am only one man running this business and can possibly not catch before I ship it out. I you do find anything wrong with it please email me at apparelby7thirty8@gmail.com and we will quickly resolve the issue through either a refund or an exchange. I take this very seriously and do not want anyone to have anything but good to say about their purchase of anything I have printed.